Wednesday, 17 September 2008


but make our heart cool with all relationships ;
by how we handle them is the main thing called creating!!!
This modern peoples are short tempered!
they have no patience!
I am an indian!
I have many good guidences;
but me too a patienceless social animal. i agree this.
I saw many of us have same trouble.
They have no idea to handle the situation.
On this subject many stories we hear that the hero who have the capacity
to lead the subordinates by his patientless activities who always wins.

My dear friends!
Stories always stories!
There we starts our mis understandings!
There is no doubt patientless activities what i mean anger,etc.
They give a sudden relief from the situation but stil it is living
in the deeper area of mind called sub concious mind.
So absolutely there is problem occurs in relationships!
Something broken from the deeper heart!
but we hide and make others believe that there is no problem!

This is the reason to the mentel deceases, sucide, inferiority complex, broken families, broken relationship with other social animals!!!
If we are not love others why we call us as HUMAN BEINGS?.
as a management student;
i was knowing that just a ventilator too make a situation cool.
we are the ventilators of the world.
believe this we are the people created by god to celebrate the world.
by making others happy by giving money? costly things? dress and materials?
no nothing can do it for you to make others happy.
yourself will do it!
By giving true love from the holy heart of you!
many of us understand that,
holiness is far away from us!
That is the god thing !
we are not eligible to call us holy.
In the mechanical world 90% of people think this anyway.

Come on what is the idea you have to inform to the world??
I hear the voices of you!
love the relations near where you live!!
make them enjoy by your just saying hai! hello! how are you? take care! thanks! Sorry!
oh yes my friends many times sorry , the word make magic on others sub concious mind
getting a sudden cool.
but it is not able to visible on that hot situation.
but definitely it will comeout afterwards!
Make others happy is not possible!
Its impossible!
I cannot able to do that!
I am a highbreed animal, I am not act like this!
I am a rich!
In Tamil "sorry is my un like word"
Many of our people considered that the above said sentences;
adjust with others is a brightful thing;
one who came to know about this he will have a peace of mind!
the nature will love him!
ok let us discuss this on another day!
with love

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