Tuesday, 23 September 2008

love the world we belongs to..

I like you to share with somthing!!
The future is not coming now!
The past is always past!
The present of our presence is more important!
This is single dimention _ time !
we cannot able to break the time barrier to go back to alterate something!
stories are always stories!
they are just relaxing us, having fun from them!

so live your life!
share love with each other you have met!
love the world !!
because at present we rule the world!

the mankind!!!!!
Not the jurassic age!
Not the machine age!
No one of reptiles in jurassic love each other!
as same as the machines!

we the people who created by god!

now our man kind faces many problems!
like automic war, floods, earthquakes,etc.
Dont giveup be a good citizen.
be a good person to all!
the universe really love us! why don't we??????????
think about it!
take care!
with love, JOHN C. SIMON

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